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Recommended Annealing Temperatures for Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubing

The stainless steel tubing made of austenitic stainless steels shall be annealed or bright annealed after they are cold worked. The annealing or bright annealing processes not only eliminate residual stresses and improve its ductility, but also enhance the tubing‘s corrosion resistance by dissolving the chromium carbides formed. The annealing temperature shall be cautiously controlled to ensure the complete dissolution (austenitizing) of chromium carbides and to avoid grain growth. According to many engineering experiences, recommended annealing temperatures for typical austenitic stainless steels are listed in below table.

UNS No.DesignationTemp. °CTemp. °F
S30400SS 3041010-11201850-2050
S30900SS 3091040-11201900-2050
S30908SS 309S1040-11201900-2050
S30100SS 3101040-10651900-1950
S31008SS 310S1040-10651900-1950
S31600SS 3161040-11201900-2050
S31700SS 3171065-11201950-2050
S32100SS 321955-10651750-1950
S34700SS 347980-10651800-1950
S34800SS 348980-10651800-1950
N08020Alloy 20925-9551700-1750
S30403SS 304L1010-11201850-2050
S31603SS 316L1040-11101900-2025
S31703SS 317L1040-11101900-2025
*Classification of austenitic stainless steels: (1) conventional grades: 304, 309, 309S, 310, 310S, 316, 317; (2) stabilized grades: 321, 347, 348, alloy 20; (3) low-carbon grades: 304L, 316L, 317L; (4) high alloyed grades: 904L, 254SMO.



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