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ASME SB-265/ ASTM B265

ASME SB-265, identical with ASTM B265, is the standard specification for 39 grades titanium and titanium alloy strip, sheet and plate. The strip, sheet, and plate are generally manufactured by hot-rolling or cold-rolling processes furnished in annealed, descaled, sandblasted or ground conditions. Any product 0.187 inch (4.75 mm) and under in thickness and less than 24 inch (610 mm) in width is classified as titanium strip; products 0.187 inch (4.75 mm) and under in thickness and 24 inch (610 mm) or more in width are classified as titanium sheet; any product over 0.187 inch (4.75 mm) in thickness and over 10 inch (254 mm) in width is classified as titanium plate.

Except for the terminology and grades of titanium and titanium alloy, the standard specification also covers referenced inspection and test documents, ordering information, chemical compositions, mechanical properties, permissible variations in dimensions, finish, sampling and methods for chemical analysis, retests, rounding-off procedure, rejection rules, certification, marking and packaging requirements, surface requirement bend tests, special flatness requirements.

Click to download the ASME SB-265 (ASTM B265) in PDF for free.



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