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ASME SB-862 / ASTM B862

ASME SB-862 is the standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy welded pipes which are intended for general corrosion resisting and elevated temperature service. It is identical with ASTM B862 except for some minor fine tune of additional requirements. The standard covers 33 grades of Ti and Ti alloys.

ASME SB-862 (ASTM B862) covers the complete specification of the titanium and titanium alloy welded pipes such as material grades, referenced documents, terminology, dimensions, wall thickness, manufacture process, heat treatment, chemical composition, mechanical properties, tolerances and variations, welding process, inspection and tests, certification and marking, etc.

Click to download or view ASME SB-862 [ASTM B862] in PDF format. (Important Notes: the attached file is only provided for study & internal reference purpose with no commercial use; it is in conformance with ASME BPVC Section II Part B, 2013 Revision.)



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