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ASTM A182 F11 Integral Flange for A Texaco Gasifier

The Texaco coal gasification process is widely used for the production of synthetic gas in fertilizer plants. Texaco gasifier is the core equipment which mainly consists of combustion chamber and cooling zone(or quench chamber). Metals-Piping has supplied an integral flange and its mating blind flange as the manhole cover of the gasifier.

ASTM A182 F11 integral flange

Technical drawing of the integral flange made of ASTM A182 F11 Class 2, which is used as the manhole of a Texaco gasifier.

The integral flange is disposed at the cooling zone of the gasifier for manhole maintenance purpose. It is made of 1.25Cr-0.5Mo forged alloy steel – ASTM A182 F11 Class 2. Both of its upper and lower internal surfaces are furnished with 6mm SS 316L overlay. It is butt welded with the cylinder of the gasifier cooling zone. A: integral flange; B: lower external surface of integral flange; C: welding seam between integral flange and gasifier cylinder; D: gasifier cylinder; E: lower internal surface of integral flange; F: SS 316 overlay welded on flange bore surface.

Maintenance of the Texaco gasifier through a manhole integral flange made of ASTM A182 F11 Cl.2.

Maintenance of the Texaco gasifier through a manhole integral flange made of ASTM A182 F11 Cl.2; the mating blind flange cover is also made of A182 F11 material.

Chemical Composition of ASTM A182 F11 Class 2

*All values are in % unit.

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A182 F11 Class 2

GradeTensile Strength, min.
ksi [MPa]
Yield Strength, min.
ksi [MPa]
min. %
Area of Reduction,
min. %
F11 Class 270 [485]40 [275]2030143~207
*The material shall be annealed at a temperature no less than 1650°F [900°C].



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