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ASTM A335 P92

1. The Development of ASTM A335 P92

In order to improve the heat efficiency of reheating steam pipeline in power plant, the reheating-temperature can be designed as high as 621°C, which is known as the super-critical temperature. The Unite States firstly developed ASTM A335 P92 alloy steel in late 1980’s to meet the heat-resisting requirements of such a high-temperature power unit. The alloy steel P92 is an improved version of ASTM A335 P91 alloy which has deliberate addition of tungsten, vanadium, niobium, decreased amount of molybdenum to fine-tune to ferrite/austenite ratio, as well as carefully controlled amount of boron and nitrogen.

A pipe tee made of ASTM A335 P92

A reducing tee of ASTM A335 P92 for power plant steam line, runlet:(I.D)349×72 mm, outlet:(I.D)248×53 mm, design temperature: 610°C, design pressure: 27.6MPa.

Designated as UNS K92460, ASTM A335 P92 is also known as 9Cr-2W alloy steel. Its equivalent includes ASTM A213 T92, ASME SA335 P92, ASME SA213 T92, as well as EN standard X10CrWMoVNb9-2. The Grade P92 are generally furnished as seamless pipes, tubes, or fittings.

2. Chemical Requirements of ASTM A335 P92

Content, %0.07-0.130.30–0.60≤0.020≤0.010≤0.508.50-9.500.30-0.60*
*V: 0.15–0.25; N: 0.03–0.07; Ni: ≤0.40; Al: ≤0.040; Nb: 0.04-0.09; W: 1.50-2.00; B:0.001-0.006.

3. Mechanical Properties of ASTM A335 P92

Tensile Strength, min.Yield Strength, min.Elongation %, min.
*The tensile tests shall be conducted at room temperature.

4. Heat Treatment

ASTM A335 P92 seamless pipes, 406 mm x 72 mm[w.t].

ASTM A335 P92 seamless pipes, 406 mm x 72 mm[w.t].

The Grade P92 of ASTM A335 shall be normalized at 1900°F [1040°C] minimum and tempered at 1350°F [730°C] minimum as a final heat treatment. After heat treatment, the hardness shall not exceed 250 HB/ 265 HV [25 HRC].



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