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ASTM A370/ ASME SA-370

ASTM A370, which is identical with ASME SA-370, is the standard specification covering test methods and definitions for mechanical testing of ferrous and nonferrous metals such as steels, stainless steels, titanium & its alloy, nickel and its alloy, zirconium and its alloy, etc. The various mechanical tests herein described are used to determine properties required in the product specifications. Variations in testing methods are to be avoided, and standard methods of testing are to be followed to obtain reproducible and comparable results. In those cases in which the testing requirements for certain products are unique or at variance with these general procedures, the product specification testing requirements shall control.

The standard specification ASTM A370 mainly covers:

  • Referenced ASTM, ASME and ISO documents.
  • Significance and use, general precautions, orientation of specimens
  • Tension test: description, terminology, testing apparatus and operations, test specimen parameters, plate type specimens, sheet type specimen, gauge marks, determination of tensile properties.
  • Bend Test: one method for evaluating ductility performed at room temperature.
  • Hardness Test: Brinell test, Rockwell test, Portable hardness test.
  • Charpy V-notch impact test: general process, significance and use, apparatus, sampling and number of specimens, conditioning-temperature control, testing procedure, calibration, interpretation of test result, record and report, etc.
  • Annex A1: steel bar products, orientation of specimens, tension test, bend test, hardness test.
  • Annex A2: steel tubular products, tension test, determination of transverse yield strength, hydraulic ring-expansion method, hardness tests, flattening test, reverse flattening test, crush test, flange test, flaring test, bend test, etc.
  • Annex A3: steel fasteners, tension tests, hardness tests for externally threaded fasteners, testing of nuts.
  • Annex A4: steel round wire products, apparatus, test specimens, elongation, reduction of area, Rockwell hardness test, wrap test, coiling test,
  • Annex A5: notes of significance of notched-bar impact testing, notch behavior, notch effect, size effect, effects of testing conditions, velocity of straining, correlation with service.
  • Annex A6: converting percentage elongation of round specimens to equivalents for flat specimens.
  • Annex A7: testing multi-wire strand.
  • Annex A8: rounding of test data.
  • Annex A9: methods for testing steel reinforced bars.
  • Annex A10: procedure for use and control of heat-cycle simulation.

Click to download the PDF of ASTM A370/ ASME SA-370 (2016 version) for free.



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