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ASTM B463 Alloy 20 Plate, Sheet, Strip

ASTM B463 Alloy 20 plates, sheets, strips are widely used in the fabrication of pressure vessels, welded pipes or tubes, and other piping components. They can be furnished in various forms which are defined in below table.

Spec.Thickness, t [mm]Width, w [mm]
Alloy 20 cold rolled plate4.76≤t≤9.52w>254.0
Alloy 20 hot rolled platet≥4.76w>254.0
Alloy 20 platet≥4.76w>254.0
Alloy 20 sheett<4.76w≥609.6
Alloy 20 stript<4.76w<609.6
*The UNS designation is UNS N08020.

ASTM B463 Alloy 20 hot-rolled plates

ASTM B463 Alloy 20 plates, hot rolled, packaged in plywood cases.

Chemical Requirements of ASTM B463 Alloy 20 (UNS N08020)

ElementWt, %
Carbon [C]≤0.07
Manganese [Mn]≤2.00
Phosphorus [P]≤0.045
Sulfur [S]≤0.035
Silicon [Si]≤1.00
Nickel [Ni]32.00~38.00
Chromium [Cr]19.00~21.00
Molybdenum [Mo]2.00~3.00
Copper [Cu]3.00~4.00
Niobium+Tantalum [Nb+Ta]8*Carbon~1.00
*Values shall be based on product analysis.

Mechanical Properties of ASTM B463 Alloy 20 (UNS N08020)

Tensile Strength, min.Yield Strength, min.Elongation in 2"Hardness, max.
ksiMPaksiMPamin. %BrinellRockwell B
*The Alloy 20 plates shall be furnished in stabilize-annealed condition. The annealing temperature shall be 1800~1850°F [982~1010°C].

Available Specification in Stock

The hot-rolling production line for ASTM B463 plates.

The hot-rolling production line for ASTM B463 plates.

Thickness: 5mm~52mm; Width: 100mm~2000mm; Length: 100mm~6000mm.



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