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Filler Metal for Monel 400 Welding: AWS A5.14 ERNiCu-7

The ERNiCu-7 electrodes are widely used for TIG or GTAW of Monel 400 materials. It shall be fabricated according to AWS A5.14 and its UNS number is N04060. This filler metal is also known as a proprietary brand Monel 60.

ERNiCu-7 electrodes, Monel 60

AWS A5.14 ERNiCu-7 electrodes (Monel 60)

Chemical Composition Requirements

C ≤ 0.15%, Mn ≤ 0.40%, Fe ≤ 2.5%, P ≤ 0.020%, S ≤ 0.015, Si ≤ 1.25, Ni: 62.0% ~ 69.0%, Al ≤ 1.25%, Ti: 1.5% ~ 3.0%, Cu: remainder, Other elements total: ≤ 0.50%.

Specification Available

The Monel 60 (AWS A5.14 ERNiCu-7) electrodes/ rods can be furnished in several forms including straight lengths, coils with or without support, and spools. The packaging job shall be done per AWS A5.02. HBMetals supplies several sizes of ERNiCu-7 electrodes: Φ1.2 mm, Φ1.6 mm, Φ2.0 mm, Φ2.5 mm, Φ 3.0 mm, Φ3.2 mm, Φ4.0 mm.



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