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Hastelloy C-276 Used for Flue Gas Desulfurization Piping

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Hastelloy C-276 alloy exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and pitting resistance in the flue gas desulfurization systems.

A scrubber tower with Hastelloy C-276 plates lined in its bypass pipeline.

A scrubber tower in Australia, with Hastelloy C-276 plates lined in its bypass pipeline.

The Hastelloy C-276 1.6mm-thick plates are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B575 grade UNS N10276. They are lined on the internal surface of the bypass and the discharge outlet of scrubber tower. It will be in contact with the scrubbed or unscrubbed stack gas mixed with high-temperature steam. The stack gas(flue gas) may fall from 350°F to 250°F. After 3 years in service, there is no pitting corrosion on the Hastelloy C-276 despite of the harsh erosive conditions.



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