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Incoloy 825 Tubes Used for Distillation Column Reboiler in AlF3 Production

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The distillation column reboiler is widely utilized for the production of dry aluminum fluoride(AlF3). The hydrogen fluoride(HF) is passed through the distillation column and get rectified. Then it is re-vaporized in the reboiler for further processing. Due to the corrosive and hazardous properties, hydrogen fluoride(fluid/gas) shall be properly handled. Generally, the high-temperature corrosion resistant material Incoloy 825 is chosen for the fabrication of tube pass of the reboiler.

The distillation-column reboiler with Incoloy 825 tube pass

The distillation-column reboiler with Incoloy 825 tube pass for a AlF3 producer in UAE.

We have supplied Incoloy 825 heat-exchanger tubes of 2″ x 2.6mm x 3m(manufactured to ASTM B163 UNS N08825) for the fabrication of a distillation-column reboiler’s tube pass. Design temperature: 110°C, design pressure: 0.8 MPa, flow media: HF. The facilities belong to a reputable aluminum fluoride producer, Gulf Fluor, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.



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