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Inconel 600 Plate, Sheet & Strip: ASTM B168 UNS N06600

As a typical Ni-Cr-Fe alloy, Inconel 600 can be furnished as plates, sheets, or strips which shall be manufactured in accordance with ASTM B168 Gr. N06600. The plate, sheet, and strip shall be uniform in quantity and temper, smooth, commercially straight or flat, and free of injurious imperfections (Click to see the definition of nickel alloy plate, sheet and strip).

Inconel 600 (ASTM B168 Gr. N06600)

Inconel 600 plate: ASTM B168 Gr. N06600, 1600 mm x 800 mm, thickness = 25 mm.

Delivery Conditions and Finishes

Plates, sheets and strips of ASTM B168 UNS N06600 may be furnished in the following conditions & surface finishes:

  • Inconel 600 hot-rolled plate: annealed; or as-rolled.
  • Inconel 600 hot-rolled sheet: annealed.
  • Inconel 600 cold-rolled sheet: annealed; or hard.
  • Inconel 600 cold-rolled strip: annealed; skin-hard; quarter-hard; half-hard; or three-quarter-hard; hard; or spring.

Chemical Requirements

*Unit: %; The  chemical analysis shall be conducted in accordance with ASTM B880.

Mechnical Properties

ConditionTensile Strength,
min., ksi [MPa]
Yield Strength,
min., ksi [MPa]
Elongation min.,
in 50 mm, %
*A80 [550]35 [240]30
*B125 [860]90 [620]2
*A refers to Inconel 600 plate, sheet, strip furnished in annealed condition.
*B refers to Inconel 600 materials furnished in hard condition.
*The hardness of Inconel 600 shall be tested and specified.



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