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Inconel 600 Used for AlCl3 Generator in Titanium Dioxide Production

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The aluminum chloride(AlCl3) generator is the core equipment for the production of titanium dioxide(titanium pigment) in chlorination process. Due to its exceptional resistance to chloride ion environments and stress-corrosion cracking at high temperature, Inconel 600 is routinely chosen for the construction of the AlCl3 generator.

Chlorination process for production of titanium dioxide

A chemical plant in Thailand which adopts chlorination process for the production of titanium dioxide.

Metals-Piping has supplied Inconel 600 materials to a Thai pigment producer (TOA) for the construction of the aluminum chloride generator.

The drawing of AlCl<sub>3</sub> generator made of Inconel 600 for chlorination process.

The drawing of AlCl3 generator made of Inconel 600 for chlorination process.

The generator mainly consists of upper cover, lower cover and cylinder which are constructed by hot-rolled ASTM B168 UNS N06600 plates (thickness=12 mm). Aluminum granules and chlorine gas are put into the generator through flanged outlet N6. Titanium tetrachloride (AlCl4) coming from the preheater is fed into the generator through N11 flanged outlet and it goes out along with AlCl3 from flanged outlet N10. The outlets N7, N8 and N9 are designed for cooling passage, pressure monitoring, and temperature monitoring respectively. All flanged outlets are made of ASTM B564 Inconel 600 welding neck flanges & ASTM B167 UNS N06600 seamless pipes.



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