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PMI Test on Alloy 20 Butt Welding Fittings

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1. PMI test on Alloy 20 Elbows.

PMI test on Alloy 20 elbows (ASTM B366 WP20CB), also known as 20Cb3.

PMI test on Alloy 20 elbows (ASTM B366 WP20CB), also known as 20Cb3.

The elbow specification: 90° elbow, long radius(L/R), 4″ SCH40 butt welding(BW), ASME B16.9. Materials: ASTM B366 WP20CB (UNS N08020/ 20Cb3/ Alloy 20). The PMI test was conducted by using handheld spectrometer which read: Cr: 19.47%, Mn: 0.91%, Fe: 39.02%, Ni: 34.28%, Cu: 3.6%, Nb: 0.58%, Mo: 2.14%.

PMI test on Alloy 20 Stub Ends

PMI test on Alloy 20 stub ends

PMI test on ASTM B366 Alloy 20 stub ends(20Cb-3), 4″ long pattern.

The specification of the stub end: ASME B16.9 4″ long pattern. PMI was conducted by using spectrometer which read: Cr: 19.86%, Mn: 0.79%, Fe: 38.50%, Ni: 34.63%, Cu: 3.41%, Nb: 0.57%, Mo: 2.24%. The results conforms to ASME B366 WP20CB (Alloy 20).

Metals-Piping’s Sales Network in Europe

These Alloy 20 butt welding pipe fittings are supplied to a British client from South Yorkshire, England. Our sales network covers almost all main European countries including Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Czech, Slovak, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, and Russia.

See more technical specifications of Alloy 20 fittings.



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