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Titanium Clad Plates Used for FGD Chimney in Power Plants

In modern fossil-fuel power plants, the sulfur dioxide shall be removed from the exhaust flue gases before emitting to atmosphere. This is usually achieved by a process called flue-gas desulfurization(FGD) in a scrubber. In the wet scrubbing process, harsh corrosion may occur in the chimney of the scrubber through which flue gases flow. Concerning corrosion resistance, titanium clad steel plates are generally chosen for the construction of the internal cylinder of the chimney.

Titanium clad steel plates for FGD chimney.

A power plant FGD system in New Mexico. The internal cylinder of a scrubber chimney which is made of Ti Gr.2 clad steel plates.

The power plant mentioned in above photo is located in the US with a capacity of 1000MW. Generally, the flue gas temperature in the chimney is around 49.2°C. The external cylinder is made of cement with a height of 233m. Its internal cylinder is made of titanium clad steel plates: base metal – ASTM A515 Gr.60 steel plates(thickness = 12 mm), clad metal – titanium grade 2 plates manufactured to ASTM B265(thickness = 1.2 mm).



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