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Titanium Gr.2 vs Titanium Gr.2H

Both titanium grade 2 and grade 2H have the same UNS designation R50400. The “H” grade titanium material is identical to the corresponding numeric grade (that is, Grade 2 = Grade 2H) except for the higher guaranteed minimum UTS(ultimate tensile strength). Titanium Gr.2 has the same chemical composition as titanium Gr.2H. The grade 2H is added in response to a user association request based on its study of over 5200 commercial pure titanium grade 2, where over 99% met the 58 ksi minimum UTS (while the minimum tensile strength for Ti Gr.2 is 50 ksi). In other words, the titanium Gr.2H originated from titanium Gr.2 and it’s an engineering material based on experimental values of tensile strength.



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