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Titanium Tubes Used for Power Plant Condensers

The condenser is the crucial equipment in both thermal and nuclear power plants. Its reliability mainly depends on the selection of tube materials. For a long time period, copper alloy tubes are widely used for the construction of condensers due to its excellent thermal conductivity and considerable corrosion resistance. However, in case sea water or polluted water is chosen as coolant, which contains large amounts of chlorides or sulfides, severe corrosion may occur on the copper alloy tubes. This may result in tube leaks, pressure vessel explosion, or even costly down time of the power plant.

A condenser for a Polish power plant

A condenser for a power plant project in Poland with titanium tubes inside.

Titanium tubes manufactured to ASME SB-338/ ASTM B338 are engineered to replace the copper alloy tubes. It has superior corrosion resistance to chloride and sulfide solutions exhibiting high strength and good erosion resistance. According to engineering experiences, its design life can be as long as 40 or 50 years (comparing to the 3-year design life of Cu-Ni alloy tubes and 10-year design life of aluminum brass tube) with very low maintenance cost.

titanium tubes for power plant condensers

ASME SB-338 Gr.2 seamless tubes for a power plant condenser, O.D x W.T = 25.4 mm x 0.8 mm.



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