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Transus Temperatures of Unalloyed Titanium

There are four grades of unalloyed titanium (commercially pure titanium): Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4. The metallographic structure of all grades at room temperature is α phase (HCP). When the temperature is at about 885°C [1625°F], it transform to a beta phase structure (BCC). The α transus temperature and β transus temperature differ slightly for each grade due to the differentiated amount of interstitial alloying elements. The typical transus temperatures are listed in below table.

TitaniumTypical β Transus Temp.Typical α Transus Temp.
Grade 188816308801620
Grade 291316758901635
Grade 392016859001650
Grade 495017409051660
*Below α transus temperature, the alloy is all-alpha phase; above β transus temperature, the alloy is all-beta phase; between the temperatures, both alpha and beta are present.
*Depending on level of interstitial impurities (C,H,O,Fe,N), an uncertainty of about ±15°C [±25°F] shall be considered.



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