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White Copper Alloy Tubes (ASTM B111 UNS C71500)

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The copper alloy tubes (UNS C71500) are generally used for surface condensers, evaporators, and heat exchangers, especially in marine and offshore applications. It is a typical 70-30 copper nickel alloy and is also known as “white copper”.

White copper alloy tubes, UNS C71500.

White copper alloy tubes, UNS C71500.

Recently, we just handed over a batch of white copper alloy tubes to an Indonesian client in Jakarta. The copper alloy seamless tubes were manufactured to ASTM B111 Gr. UNS C71500. Specification: outside diameter (O.D.) = 3/4″ = 19.05 mm, wall thickness (W.T.) = 16 BWG = 1.65 mm, length = 20 feet = 6096 mm, heat number: wm170-008, batch number = k-181229, quantity = 475 pieces, annealed condition.

Chemical composition: Mn: 0.76%, Fe: 0.69%, Pb: 0.0024%, Zn: 0.034%, Ni+Co: 29.6%, Cu: remainder. Mechanical properties: tensile strength – 449 MPa, yield strength – 184 MPa. All the C71500 tubes shall be eddy current tested. Diameter tolerance: ±0.10 mm, wall thickness tolerance: ±0.13 mm, length tolerance: 0~+4 mm.



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