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ASME SB-493/ ASTM B493

Identical with ASTM B493, ASME SB-493 is the standard specification for zirconium and zirconium alloy forgings, which shall be furnished in annealed condition. There are three grades available covering Gr. R60702(unalloyed zirconium), Gr. R60704(zirconium-tin alloy), Gr. R60705(zirconium-niobium alloy). The forgings are generally made from Zr or Zr alloy ingots through either die forging or open-die forging process/ method.

The zirconium forgings shall be free of injurious imperfections. Spot grinding is allowed to remove minor surface imperfections if such grinding doesn’t reduce dimensions of finished piece below the minimum permitted by the tolerance for the product. The forgings may have as forged, descales, or descaled and pickled finish and appearance. The standard specification also covers referenced documents, terminology, ordering information, chemical composition, tensile requirements, tests and inspection, rejection and rehearing, certification, referee, product marking and packaging, etc.

Click to download the PDF file of ASME SB-493/ ASTM B493 for free(Note: the technical literature is only used for internal communication and study purpose).



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