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ASME SB-550/ ASTM B550

Identical with ASTM B550, ASME SB-550 is the standard specification for zirconium and zirconium alloy bar and wire. There are also three grades available: Gr. R60702 (unalloyed Zr), Gr. R60704 (Zr-Sn alloy), Gr. R60705 (Zr-Nb alloy). The zirconium bar may be furnished in hot rolled, cold worked, or hot rolled and annealed condition. The cross sectional area of a bar is equal to or less than 16 inch2 [10323 mm2]; rectangular bar must be less than or equal to 10 inch [254 mm] in width and greater than 0.1875 inch [4.8 mm] in thickness. Zirconium wires refer to rounds, flats, or special shapes less than or
equal to 0.1875 inch [4.8 mm] in thickness or major dimension. The wire shall be furnished in cold worked, or cold worked & annealed condition.

The standard specification also covers referenced documents, ordering information, material and manufacture, chemical composition, mechanical properties, permissible variations in dimensions, workmanship, finish and appearance, tests and inspection, marking and packaging, etc.

Click to download the PDF file of ASME SB-550/ ASTM B550 for free(Note: the technical literature is only used for internal communication and study purpose).



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