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ASTM A387 Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Pressure Vessel Plates

ASTM A387 is the standard specification for pressure vessel plates, alloy steel, chromium-molybdenum. These Cr-Mo alloy steel plates are primarily manufactured for welded boilers and pressure vessels for elevated temperature service. Plates under this standard Hebei Metals supplies include ASTM A387 Grades 2, Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 22, Grade 22L, Grade 21, Grade 21L, Grade 5, Grade 9, Grade 91. Each grade except Grades 21L, 22L, and 91 is available in two classes of tensile strength levels. Grade 21L and 22L are available only as Class 1 while Grade 91 is available only as Class 2. All of the plates on our inventory are sourced from several of China’s most reputed steel mills: Baosteel, Wuyang Steel, HBIS, and TISCO, etc.

ASTM A387 Cr-Mo alloy steel plates for pressure vessels available in stock.

ASTM A387 Cr-Mo alloy steel plates for pressure vessels in stock.

1. Chemical Composition & UNS Designation

Chemical Composition of ASTM A387 Alloy Steel Plates, %
Grade 2S504600.04-0.210.50-0.880.0250.0250.13-0.450.46-0.850.40-0.65-
Grade 12K117570.04-0.170.35-0.730.0250.0250.13-0.450.74-1.210.40-0.65-
Grade 11K117890.04-0.170.35-0.730.0250.0250.44-0.860.94-1.560.40-0.70-
Grade 22K215900.04-0.150.25-0.660.0250.025≤0.501.88-2.620.85-1.15-
Grade 22LK21590≤0.120.25-0.660.0250.025≤0.501.88-2.620.85-1.15-
Grade 21K315450.04-0.150.25-0.660.0250.025≤0.502.63-3.370.85-1.15-
Grade 21LK315450.120.25-0.660.0250.025≤0.502.63-3.370.85-1.15-
Grade 5S50200≤0.150.25-0.660.0250.025≤0.553.90-6.100.40-0.70-
Grade 9K90941≤0.150.25-0.660.0250.025≤1.057.90-10.100.85-1.15*A
Grade 91K909010.06-0.150.25-0.660.0250.0120.18-0.567.90-9.600.80-1.10*B

*All values are minimum unless a range is provided or otherwise specified and shall be based on product analysis.
*A – V:≤0.05; B – Ni:≤0.43,V:0.16-0.27,Co:0.05-0.11,N:0.025-0.080,Al:≤0.02,Ti≤0.01,Zr≤0.01.
*All values in both *A & *B shall be furnished with the unit “%”.

Pressure vessel made from ASTM A387 Cr-Mo alloy steel plates.

Pressure vessel for a boiler application. Material: ASTM A387 Gr.22 CL1.

2. Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A387 Alloy Steel
GradeTensile Strength, ksi[MPa]Yield Strength, min. ksi[MPa]Elongation, min. %Reduction of area, min, %
8 inch2 inch
Grade 2 CL 155-80[380-550]33[230]1822-
Grade 2 CL 270-90[485-620]45[310]1822-
Grade 12 CL 155-80[380-550]33[230]1822-
Grade 12 CL 265-85[450-585]40[275]1922-
Grade 11 CL160-85[415-585]35[240]1922-
Grade 11 CL275-100[515-690]45[310]1822-
Grade 22 CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 22 CL275-100[515-690]45[310]-1845*A
Grade 22L CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 21 CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 21 CL275-100[515-690]45[310]-1845*A
Grade 21L CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 5 CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 5 CL275-100[515-690]45[310]-1845*A
Grade 9 CL160-85[415-585]30[205]-1845*A
Grade 9 CL275-100[515-690]45[310]-1845*A
Grade 91 CL285-110[585-760]60[415]-18-

*A denotes that the value is measured on round test specimen. In the case of flat specimen, the value shall be 40.

3. Heat Treatment

  1. Except for Grade 91, all ASTM A387 plates shall be thermally treated either by annealing, normalizing and tempering, or, when permitted by the purchaser, accelerated cooling from the austenitizing temperature by air blasting or liquid quenching, followed by tempering. The minimum tempering temperatures for grades (2, 12 & 11), grades(22, 22L, 21, 21L & 9), grades 5 are respectively 1150°F[620°C], 1250°F[675°C], 1300°[705°C].
  2. Grade 91 plates shall be thermally treated, either by normalizing and tempering or by accelerated cooling from the austenitizing temperature by air blasting or liquid quenching, followed by tempering. Grade 91 plates shall be austenitized at 1900 to 1975°F [1040 to 1080°C] and shall be tempered at 1350 to 1470°F [730 to 800°C].
ASTM A387 Gr.22 plates

Cr-Mo alloy steel plates, ASTM A387 Grade 22 Class 2.

4. Inspection and Tests

The inspection and tests that shall be alternately performed on ASTM A387 alloy steel plates include: tension test, Charpy V-Notch impact test, drop weight test, high-temperature tension test, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particles examination.

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Cr-Mo Alloy Steels

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