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ASTM A517/ ASME SA-517

ASTM A517, identical with ASME SA-517, is the standard specification covering high-strength quenched and tempered alloy steel plates intended for use in fusion welded boilers and other pressure vessels. There are 8 grades available with which small traces of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, boron, vanadium, titanium, zirconium, or copper may be added deliberately and respectively. Alloy steel plates of A517/ SA-517 have high strength in combination with good ductility. They can be particularly used for subzero and cryogenic applications with approximate lowest temperature limit -75°F [-59°C]. Of the low-temperature alloy steels, ASTM A517 grade F has the highest allowable stresses. At -50°F [-46°C] its impact strength (Charpy V-notch) is 40 ft*lb, and its notch and crack resistance are sufficient to encourage wide usage.

The standard specification also covers the maximum thickness of plates, referenced documents, general requirements in accordance with ASTM A20/ A20M, manufacture, heat treatment, chemical composition, mechanical properties (tension test & Charpy V-notch impact test), and supplementary requirements. Click to download the PDF of ASTM A517/ ASME SA-517 for free.



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