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ASTM A553/ ASME SA-553

ASTM A553, identical with ASME SA-553, is the standard specification covering 8% and 9% nickel alloy steel plates for use in the water quenched and tempered condition intended for the fabrication of welded pressure vessels, especially at low or cryogenic temperatures. There are two types available having different chemical composition: Type I (9% nickel) and Type II (8% nickel). A553/ SA-553 alloy steel plates are subject to impact testing at -320°F [-195°C] for Type I, and -275°F [-170°C] for Type II. Especially, the 9% nickel steels have long been used for ethylene, methane, LNG, oxygen, and nitrogen applications. Generally, these plates are furnished with the maximum thickness limit of 50 mm in practice.

The standard specification also covers material susceptibility to magnetization, unit systems, referenced documents, general requirements and ordering information, manufacture, heat treatment, chemical requirements, tension test requirements, impact test requirements, surface finish, marking, and the supplementary requirements. Click to download the PDF of ASTM A553 [ASME SA-553] for free.



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