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Charpy V-Notch Impact Tests for 9% Nickel Steel

The Charpy V-notch impact test is often used to evaluate the brittleness of the 9% nickel steel, which is subjected to extremely rapid strain rate especially at cryogenic temperatures. It shall be conducted in accordance with ASTM E23. The V-notched specimen can measure the resistance of the material to crack propagation. During the test, absorbed energy, lateral expansion, and fracture appearance are obtained from a 10 mm x 10 mm x 55 mm piece of 9% nickel alloy steel bar subjected to impact loading. The impact energy absorbed reflects the impact toughness of the material.

Charpy V-Notch Impact Test Data Range for 9% Nickel Steel

Charpy impact data range, 9% Ni-Steel, NNT

Fig-1: Probable data range of Charpy V-notch impact test for double normalized and tempered 9% nickel steel.

Charpy data range for 9-Ni steel, QT

Fig-2: Probable data range of Charpy V-notch impact test for quenched and tempered 9% nickel steel.

The probable ranges of Charpy V-notch impact values for double normalized & tempered and quenched & tempered 9% nickel alloy steel are presented in above illustrations. The specimens are tested both longitudinally and transversely, while the normal expectancy curve is plotted. The tests are performed at a temperature range from -320°F to room temperature.

Charpy Impact Tests for 9-Ni Steel Plates of Different Thicknesses

The specimens are taken from quenched and tempered 9% nickel steel plates with the thickness of 0.4″, 0.5″, 0.9″, 1.6″, 1.9″ and 2″ respectively. Both longitudinal and transverse V-notch impact tests are performed at -320°F. The test results are recorded in below table, showing the effect of plate thickness on Charpy impact values.

Plate ThicknessLongitudinalTransverse
inchEach (ft*lb)Average (ft*lb)Each (ft*lb)Average (ft*lb)
*The absorbed energy of each specimen and the average of the three specimens shall be calculated.

Effect of Heat Treatment & Rolling Direction on Charpy V-Notch Impact Test of 9% Nickel Steel

Charpy curve for 9-Ni steel of different heat treatment & rolling direction

Fig-3: The Charpy V-notch impact value curve of 9% nickel steel plates furnished in different heat treatment and rolling directions.

The test pieces are taken from 9% nickel alloy steel plates manufactred to ASTM A353 (NNT) or ASTM A553 Type I (QT), respectively. The longitudinal and transverse charpy values are shown by the curves plotted. Test temperature: -320°F ~ room temperature; Specimen thickness: 0.5 inch.



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