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Inconel 600 Plates for HFC-134a Reactors

HFC-134a is an excellent environment-friendly coolant that is widely used as the substitute of Freon. The HFC-134a reactors are the core equipment in the production process. Generally, the medium that flows through the tube side of the reactor include HF, HCl, Fluorohydrocarbon, and little amount of water, while the reacting temperature is at 350°C ~ 370°C. Inconel 600 plates (ASME SB-168 UNS N06600) are selected as the main internal material of tube side. Inconel 600 has excellent resistance to oxidation and carbonization at high temperatures. It has good resistance to dehydrated chlorine at medium temperature and considerable immunity to stress corrosion cracking induced by chloride ion.

An HFC-134a reactor with Inconel 600 cladding plates inside

An HFC-134a reactor for a 3000 MT (annual) capacity project. The internal wall of its tube side is made of Inconel 600 cladding plate.

The vertical type tubular fixed bed reactor for a 3000 t/a HFC-134a project in Poland: diameter: 3600 mm; heating surface: 3600 m2; shell side design pressure: 0.2 MPa; shell side working pressure: 0.15 MPa, shell side design & working temperature: 380°C and 350~380°C; tube side design and working pressure: 1.6 MPa, 1.2 MPa; tube side design and working temperature: 350~380°C; shell side material: ASME SB-515 Gr.65 plates; tube side material: ASME SB-515 Gr. 65 plates cladding with ASME SB-168 Gr. N06600 plates. Heat exchanger tubes: ASME SB-167 Gr. N06600. All Inconel 600 materials shall be solution annealed.



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