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Marine Corrosion Causes China Annual Loss of 111 Billions USD

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April 24th is the “Worldwide Corrosion Day”. The CAE academician Mr. Hou Baorong says that the loss due to marine corrosion accounts for 1/3 of the loss due to overall corrosion, which is as high as 111 billions of US dollars each year in China. Mr. Hou, who studies the marine corrosion and protection, points out that this reflects China’s marion corrosion cost at current stage in an interview by Science and Technology Daily.

Seawater corrosion of tubesheet

The corrosion of the tubesheet of a seawater condenser.

In the past 10 years, the construction of sea port, bridge, undersea tunnel and other offshore projects in China is flourishing. As per the design, the expected service life of many marine facilities shall be more than several decades, however, many structural facilities in China are subjected to corrosion only few years after construction finished. “How to enhance the endurance and safety of marine project facilities, reduce the risk of catastrophic accident, as well as extend the facilities’ service life are the more urgent problems to be solved” says Mr. Hou Baorong, “if proper protective messures are taken, at least 15%~35% loss can be avoided”.

Compared with many developed countries, China’s corrosion-investigation job starts up later. The cognition of corrosion’s detriment to facilities are important. Metalspiping supplies a variety of nonferrous materials that have excellent corrosion resistance to seawater such as Monel 400, unalloyed titanium, and titanium-palladium alloys.



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