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Microstructure of 9% Nickel Steel

Generally, 9% nickel steel pressure vessel plates may be furnished in double-normalized and tempered condition (ASTM A353), quenched and tempered condition (ASTM A553), or direct-quenched and tempered condition (ASTM A844). The microstructure of 9% nickel steel after heat treatment consist of fine tempered-martensite and appreciable retained austenite (about 5% to 15% structure size) which contributes to the excellent cryogenic toughness of this steel. Since the alloying addition of approximate 9% nickel also suppresses the formation of ferrite/pearlite high-temp transformation phases, relatively higher strength is also attained.

Microstructure of 9% nickel steel

The typical microstructure of 9% nickel steel consisting of fine martensite and appreciable retained austenite.

9-Ni steel: SEM photo of reverse austenite

The microstructure of 9-Ni steel observed by SEM: retained austenite (reverse austenite).

Microstructure of 9-Ni steel DQ-T

Microstructure of 9%-Ni steel heat treated by direct-quenching and subsequent tempering.

9%-Ni steel metallography of Q+T

Metallography of 9% nickel steel furnished in quenched & tempered condition.



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