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9% Nickel Steel

General Introduction

9% nickel steel LNG tank

A LNG storage tank with internal shell made of 9% nickel steel.

The 9% nickel steel is a low-carbon nickel alloy steel with nominal composition of 9Ni, which is particularly used for low-temperature or cryogenic pressure vessels and plants for processing, transportation, and storage of LNG down to -196°C [-320°F]. The steel is originated from International Nickel Company’s lab in 1940’s. It has relatively higher strength and allowable stress than austenitic stainless steels, aluminum and copper. The 9% nickel steel exhibits excellent fracture toughness even at cryogenic temperatures. It also has high melting point and retention of strength at elevated temperatures, which provide fire-safe integrity for the LNG pressure vessels. Besides, the relatively low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance make the steel applicable for ethylene, methane, LNG, oxygen, and nitrogen applications.

ASME, ASTM Standards & International Equivalent

The 9% nickel steel is designated as UNS K81340. Various international equivalent are available such as GB-24510 9Ni490, 9Ni590A, 9Ni590B (China); EN 10028-4 X8Ni9+NT640, X8Ni9+QT680, X7Ni9+QT680 (Europe); JIS G3127 SL9N520, SL9N590 (Japan); CCS 9Ni; DIN 17280 X8Ni9/1.5662 (Germany). The 9Ni steel can be furnished as pressure vessel plates, pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges, valves or valve parts, and other forgings in accordance with relative ASTM or ASME standards.

ASTM/ASME GradeProduct Form
ASTM A353, ASME SA-353 Grade 9%-Ni SteelDouble-normalized and tempered 9% nickel steel pressure vessel plates
ASTM A553/ ASME SA-553 Type IQuenched and tempered 9% nickel steel pressure vessel plates
ASTM A333/ ASME SA-333 Grade 8Seamless and welded 9%-Ni alloy steel pipes for low-temp. service
ASTM A334/ ASME SA-334 Grade 8Seamless and welded 9% nickel steel tubes for low-temp. service
ASTM A420/ ASME SA-420 Gr. WPL8Wrought pipe fittings for low-temp. service
ASTM A522/ ASME SA-522 Type I9% nickel alloy steel forged flanges, fittings, valves, and parts.
ASTM A844/ ASME A844 9Ni9%-Ni steel pressure vessel plates, by direct-quenching process
ASTM A352/ ASME SA-352 Gr. LC99% nickel steel castings for low-temp. service
ASTM A671/ ASME SA-671 Gr. CG 100 & Gr. CH 100EFW 9%-Ni steel pipe for low-temp.
*The 9% nickel steel pressure vessel plates made to ASTM A553 and ASTM A353 are most widely used.
*The ASME SA-671 Gr. CH 100 and Gr. CG 100 were removed from its 2013 revision.
*For ASTM A352 Gr. LC9 castings, the UNS designation is J31300.

Typical Chemical Composition of 9% Nickel Steel

Content, wt. %≤0.13≤0.90≤0.015≤0.0150.15~0.308.5~9.5
*All values are for heat analysis. Carbon equivalent CE shall be calculated.

Typical Mechanical Properties of 9% Nickel Steel

Tensile Strength, ksi [MPa]Yield Strength, ksi [MPa]Elongation in 2", %
≥ 100 [690]≥ 75 [515]≥ 20.0
*The tabulated values shall be tested at room temperatures.
*Charpy V-Notch impact tests shall be conducted at different low temperatures.
*Fracture toughness in transverse or longitudinal orientation shall be measure upon request.

Prominent Supplier of 9% Nickel Steel in China

ASTM A353 9% Ni steel pressure vessel plates

ASTM A353 9% nickel steel plates for LNG storage tanks.

Hebei Metals Industrial Limited is a professional supplier of 9% nickel alloy steel in China covering a extensive range of product forms. All raw materials are sourced from prestigious mills including An-steel, Wuyang Steel, TISCO and NJ-steel. The steels are accredited by 6 major ship classification societies including BV, DNV, ABS, Lloyd’s, GL and CCS.

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