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Metalsin Tech maintains an extensive range of stainless steel instrumentation tubing available in stock. The sizes and dimensions are listed in below table: *Materials for the tubing: TP 304/304L, TP 316/316L; The tubing are provided in both inch and mm units.

Instrumentation tubing refers to the tubing or tubes used to connect instruments to main piping, to other instruments and apparatus, or to measuring equipment. Due to the outstanding corrosion resistance and heat resistance, austenitic stainless steels are universally selected as the pressure …

The American wire gauge (AWG) is also known the Brown and Sharpe gauge for copper wire. Similar to Birmingham wire gauge (BWG), it is also extensively used to specify the wall thickness of stainless steel tubing. The AWG values are …

The Birmingham wire gauge (BWG), also known as Birmingham gauge or Stubs’ iron wire gauge, is a prevalent wire gauge system for determination of diameter of steel wires and thickness of steel sheets. It is also extensively used for specifying the …

Generally the tubing shall be designated by its actual outside diameter (O.D) and wall thickness (W.T). The lists presented below provide the weights of tubing in U.S customary units: O.D – inch, W.T – inch, Weight – pound per foot length (lb/ft). They …

Performance Parameter for Type 9-19A Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 9-19A Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 7-15A Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 7-15A Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 7-15D Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 7-15D Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 8-09D Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 8-09D Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 5-47D Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 5-47D Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 5-47A Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 5-47A Titanium Blowers

Performance Parameter for Type 4-72D Titanium Blowers Dimensions for Type 4-72D Titanium Blowers

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