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The Inspection and Test for Titanium Pipes

HB-Metals supplies titanium and titanium alloy seamless pipes which are manufactured in accordance to ASTM B861. The stringent inspection and tests shall be performed on the finished titanium pipes to ensure the premium quality:

Wall thickness examination for titanium pipes.

W.T examination for titanium pipes.

O.D check for titanium pipes

Outside diameter check for titanium pipes.

Flattening test for titanium pipes.

Flattening test for titanium pipes.

Hydraulic test for Ti pipes.

Hydraulic test for titanium pipes.

pneumatic test on ti pipes

Pneumatic test performed for titanium pipes.

U.T for titanium pipes

Ultrasonic inspection(U.T) on titanium pipes.

Eddy current test

Eddy current test for titanium pipes.



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