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Titanium Blowers for Industrial Applications

The titanium blowers are generally single suction type, which can be made into six angles of 0 degree, 45 degree, 90 degree, 135 degree, 180 degree and 225 degree. It can be categorized into Type A and Type D.  The difference between Type A and Type D is motion transmission mode. Type A: direct connection between the motor and the impeller; type D: the motor is connected with the impeller through motion gearing apparatus.

Ti blowers for a FGD system.

Titanium blowers for a flue gas desulfurization system.

Titanium blowers are characterized by excellent performance, exceptional corrosion resistance, high efficiency, less floor space and weight than the conventional blowers. The body of the blower usually are made of commercially pure titanium plate by TIG welding, while its blades are usually made by titanium casting. The titanium blower has exceptional corrosion resistance to an extensive range of acids and alkalis, and is widely used in chemical processing, pharmaceutical industry, offshore & marine services, pulp and paper industry, flue gas desulfurization processes, oil refineries, and power stations, etc. The titanium blowers are mainly used in harsh conditions where conventional austenitic stainless steels (such as 316L) can no longer withstand the corrosion attacks. It can run continuously for more than 30 minutes at a high temperature of 280 degrees Celsius, and can work continuously for 20 hours/time without damage at a medium temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

Our company can supply the following titanium blowers:

Type AType D
Type 9-26A Titanium BlowersType 8-09D Titanium Blowers
Type 9-19A Titanium BlowersType 7-15D Titanium Blowers
Type 8-09A Titanium BlowersType 5-47A Titanium Blowers
Type 7-15A Titanium BlowersType 4-72D Titanium Blowers
Type 5-47A Titanium Blowers

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Titanium & Titanium Alloy

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